Anna Dean Farm Market


The Anna Dean Farm Market is a project of the non-profit Barberton Historical Society in Barberton, Ohio. 

The Anna Dean Farm Market founded in 2015 is located at the historic O. C. Barber Piggery at 248 Robinson Ave. in Barberton.  Built of brick and block in the Renaissance Revival Architectural Style in 1912, the Piggery, or Pig Palace, as it was commonly called is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Barberton Historical Society dedicates its funds raised for this and other historic buildings it owns in Barberton.

In 2015 we began our Farmers’ Market with 24 vendors.  In 2016 it is our goal to build the number of vendors to forty.  Here are some FAQs on the Anna Dean Farm  Market.


COST TO VENDORS – There is no cost to setup and sell at the market.  Only your time.  However we ask that you stay with us for the entire season, or notify us if you are quitting so we can give your space to someone else.

AM I GUARANTEED MY SAME SPACE EACH WEEK?  - Yes but we ask our vendors to cooperate with each other, and maintain friendly relationships with us and their neighbors.

WHAT IF I SELL OUT OF MATERIAL BEFORE THE MARKET ENDS?  This will happen as we get a large crowd.  If you are out of material to sell you may leave.  Why sit there and wait until the market ends if you have nothing to sell?


WHAT ARE THE HOURS?  - The Anna Dean Farm Market is held on Tuesdays from

June 2nd through October 6th 2020 From 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

Most vendors setup between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. 

Be respectful when driving into the market and be prepared to sell.  You may want to start selling as soon as you are setup.


WHAT CAN I SELL?   SUPPOSEDLY, you will only sell what is grown in Ohio.  However we are not food snobs and this is America.  We want you to make money.  Enough said.  Now we will take a FEW craft vendors or antique dealers.  However these spots are at our discretion.  We may also, occasionally take a food truck, but again these are at our discretion.  This is private property and we decide who can and can’t setup.


WHERE DO I HAVE TO PARK?   You can back into your spot for the most part.  We have 6 acres so vendor parking is not a problem.  Selling out of your truck or car is permissible and much easier to do.




1. No live animals for sale or adoption.

2. The Farmers Market is run by Bob and Phil.  They will be sitting by the middle of the barn.  DO NOT IRRITATE BOB OR Phil . Remember you are guests of the Barberton Historical Society.

3. There is an application attached.  Fill it out and send it back to us via email for review.  We will get back to you.



1.  We are on Robinson Ave.  Robinson Ave has 12, 000 cars a day travel on it.  Visibility is high.

2.  We have four acres of parking with the front row reserved for handicap. We manage that parking with our own people.

3. We have handicap facilities.

4. Last year we averaged 1000 visitors per market.

5. This year there will be a $5.00 a week  fee to the vendors to setup.