Anna Dean Farmers Market

                                                                 2020 Rules

1.Vendors are invited guests of the Barberton Historical Society and must  follow all rules


2. Vendors must have a Vendor’s license to sell at the Market.


3.  Stay in your assigned vendor space.  Do not change spaces, without

      permission if you change you may be asked to leave the Market.


 4.  Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.


  5.  If you can not be present for an extended period of time, please

        call Bob Hurbean at 330-807-1374. Upon your return your previous spot

        is not guaranteed.


    6.  Vendors are responsible for any damage or injury due to negligence

          while selling during market hours, It is strongly encouraged that all

           Vendors carry their own personal and product liability insurance.


      7.  Bob Hurbean and Phil McGuire are in charge all changes must go

             through them and make all of the decisions concerning how the market

             is run.


        8.  Anyone who wishes to become a vendor please fill out the enclosed

              application and send it to Bob Hurbean 1463 Hagey Dr. Barberton, Ohio 44203


          9. No live animals are allowed at the Market.



              Thank you for your co-operation and let’s have the Best Summer Ever!


               Sincerely,  Bob Hurbean